Killa Kamila

Kamila is a female tattooer based out of Upstate NY working at Pennyroyal Tattoo in Florida, NY  and Golden Hammer Tattoo Studio in Goshen, NY. She specializes in neo-traditional as well as color and black and gray realistic tattoos. Her favorite subjects to tattoo are portraits, either black and gray realistic or neo-traditional ladies. She has a unique style, especially of her lady faces with bold lines and flowing hair. She loves to tattoo both playful and colorful as well as dark and macabre themed subjects.

Kamila takes inspiration from many things. She is inspired by the old style of traditional tattooing with bold clean lines and solid color often worn by sailors but with a modern twist, often referred to as neo-traditional style. She views tattooing as something spiritual since tattooing originated in the ancient world. Born in Warsaw, Poland, she often likes incorporating European tribal and shamanistic elements into her designs. She is also inspired by European folklore.

Death Ritual

Thou fair one, behold these bones. Thou learned one, see these empty skulls. Thou wealthy one, consider this dust. Thou thrall, see thy rest. Thou king, see thy destiny.

The Old Way

The Old Way provides you with tools for a solar Life, our path to a luminous Death. A connection with all things Older and Bigger than we may ever hope to be. True witchcraft. We must remember our Selves within a sick and lazy world, which seeks to make us sicker and sicker! We must heal ourselves and our own!

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