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Lasabrjotur is a Galdrastafur. That is an Icelandic magical stave, which can be referred to as a sigil. The lasabrjotur sigil was found in the Huld manuscript, and can be found in the National Library in Reykjavik. Simply put, lasabrjotur can open a lock without a key. In English, there are many words that can relate to this, and when dealing with magic, can be a metaphor to accessing the deeper parts of the mind in order to perform better. Opening a lock also unlocks inner potential, or allows chains to be loosened. The inner beast may be unfettered, allowing for the unbridled and raw energy to flow. This is the mindset of the artists behind Lasabrjotur. We aim to create magical products to help allow the witch to better perform. Our purpose is to help unlock the power within the individuals we serve. Using esoteric ideas based on Northern European magic, we are dedicated to self-transformation. Our motto is, “Leave your ego at the door. Be prepared to work in order to learn and grow.” Unlock your true potential.

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