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She Who Cannot Hex, Cannot Heal

This sigil is obviously for the female. The concept is balance, and understanding that there is no black, white, or gray magic. It's just magic. Destruction is needed in order to create. Death encompasses life. I can go on and on, but the idea is the same.

The idea of being able to heal and destroy is not unique. From martial arts to hoodoo shamans, the idea of cursing and healing are natural and exist together. Humans harm and therefore must be able to heal. That is why soldiers receive first aid training.

This sigil is more than just the idea of stitching up a wound that was cut. It is embracing all of what magic is. If a woman only limits herself to healing, she can never fully heal someone. True healing is impossible unless she knows how to cause harm. In order to bind evil, one must know destruction intimately. How could someone possibly be a tour guide in a town they have never been to? The idea is the same with healing.

I joked with Ylveig that the final sigil looks like a duck. But in all honesty, my mind kept saying "swan." Why? Swans represent balance. They nest on land, spend their time in water, and can fly. That is the mind-body-spirit existing perfectly together. It ties back into the concept of curse work and healing existing at the same time. It is two sides of one coin. It is still magic.

The artwork is designed by Killa Kamila, who perfectly shows a hand making a hexing sign, but is holding healing plants. More of her work may be found at killakamila.com.

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