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Anointing in Oils

Ritual oils are just one tool to help with your rituals. Using an oil Infused with herbs sacred to a specific god/goddess, have connections to a specific intention, or loaded at specific astrological events will have tremendous benefits to your rituals.

So what's the difference between infused oils and ritual oils? Quite simply: the herbs used, and the process in making them.

The ritual oils made by Lasabrjotur have specific intentions, the herbs used have magical connections, have corresponding benefits, and loaded with runes that seal the intention. The basis for every Lasabrjotur oil constists of mugwort and wormwood. Mugwort is associated with Midgard, purification, sanctifying, while wormwood can be used for astral projection, protection, and when combined with mugwort can be used to call spirits.

Using these oils, knowing the background and intention of each oil, will help guide your rituals and mindset during your preparations. Oil's allow practioners to anoint and separate themselves from the mundane and prepare the vitki for their journey. You may add oil to your ash when masking, on any of your ritual tools, and your person.

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