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Exfoliation and the Witch

Exfoliation has appeared throughout history in many cultures: Those in the Comanche tribe would use sand from the bottom of the river bed; Polynesian people would use crushed sea shells; ancient Egyptians used pumice stones, alabaster, and sand with aloe vera; in the Middle Ages, old wine was used as a chemical exfoliant.

Besides feeling wonderful, body scrubs have several health benefits for the skin:

1) Gently removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the outer layer of skin;

2) Unclogs pores and expose the skin's underlying healthier layers;

3) Stimulates blood circulation;

4) Aids in draining lymph nodes;

5) Detoxifies the body internally.

In addition to the health benefits, using a scrub - like the salt or sugar scrubs available in our store - prior to a ritual can aid the vitki during their journey. Bringing healing to a part of the soul complex - the Lik - will help to bring balance to the overall wellness of the soul. The oil that is used to infuse the sugar and essential oils is loaded with specific runes, will and intent during a ritual performed by Lasabrjotur. The options for essential oils give the vitki a selection of scents that align with their :N:eeds for their own rituals. Peppermint: Traditionally used for awakening, refreshing, focus, aroma. Gardenia: Traditionally used for relaxation, stress, anxiety, aroma Lavender Chamomile: Traditionally used for relaxation, stress, sleep, anxiety, aroma

Violet: Traditionally used to treat dry or chaffed skin, abrasions, insect bites, eczema, aroma

Lilac: Traditionally used to treat rashes, sunburn, minor cuts and scrapes, skin ailments, aroma

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