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Lofn Soap and Scrubs

Named after the Norse goddess of love and affection, this soap honors Lofn with the calming scent of lavender, and serves as a reminder of the loved ones that surround us.

The name Lofn is believed to be Old Norse for “comforter,” or “permission.” She was one of the handmaidens of Frigga, and as stated in the Prose Edda’s Gylfaginning, “The eighth is Lofn: she is so gracious and kindly to those that call upon her, that she wins Allfather's or Frigg's permission for the coming together of mankind in marriage, of women and of men, though it were forbidden before, or seem flatly denied; from her name such permission is called 'leave,' and thus also she is much 'loved' of men.” We named this soap in her honor, for the ability to help provide a way with relationships.

Used for centuries to arouse passion and viewed as an aphrodisiac, lavender is a featured ingredient in our soap, along with comfrey and alkanet. Comfrey is known for cooling, providing energetic notes, and uniting properties, while the alkanet adds a beautiful purple hue to the soap. The color purple represents so many concepts, mainly to: help with creativity, which is needed to conduct magic; and the ability to guide and make changes, which is needed to maintain relationships over time.

The Lofn Scrubs are made with lavender, chamomile, and encased in sugar or salt - depending on your needs. Chamomile brings beauty to the ritual as it soothes and calms. Sugar helps provide quick energy, where salt helps to preserve the emotions for steadfastness. Both provide the ability to remove the negative energies from a situation, and help to see new perspectives for reaching goals.

Ritual cleansing has existing for thousands of years, and we provide soaps with herbs and essential oils to help create a focus for the intention of the witch. Bathe and wash with this soap before a ritual to help add layers of will for any sort of relationship focus. Remove what is preventing you from reaching your goals with our scrubs. Unlock your inner potential and successfully gain what is yours.

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