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Gullveig's Glory

This pine oil salve is magic that can be hidden in plain sight. Made from Long Leaf Pine, the oil is made in the fires of destruction. Similar to the goddess Gullveig, the pine trees cannot grow unless they are exposed to fire. After the tree has grown and matured, it has fire-resistant qualities. This trait is seen in Gullveig, where the Aesir tried to burn her to death multiple times, but kept failing. As stated in the Voluspa, “thrice burnt, thrice brought forth, oft not seldom; yet she still lives.”

The oil salve is made to help be a protective barrier, inviting determination and longevity. Anyone who has stood and reflected underneath a tall pine would understand that there is much determination in the years needed in order to grow from a tiny seed to a gigantic tree. The salve also provides protection in a way that is not normally sought – the curses sent by the enemy is actually beneficial to the witch. This is not a “blessing in disguise,” but food for the soul, giving more energy to the chagrin of the enemy. Much like the Aesir trying to kill Gullveig with fire, only to find out that she was reborn and just as strong in will, this salve will receive a curse as tool for your benefit that can harm your enemies.

To use this salve in ritual, apply it on the lips to protect against what is spoken against you, or on the fingers and hands to protect against what is worked against you. This can also be applied on physical wounds of the flesh during a ritual with intent to heal, increasing longevity and no longer being harmed by destructive forces.

The oil sat for a complete cycle of the moon, so that it holds the ability to work with those who are mindful when they work with specific moon phases.

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