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Ritual Jewelry

When conducting a ritual, one must have a specific purpose and outcome in mind. Once the ritual comes to a conclusion, your work does not. A ritual, without action is a failed ritual. Your actions and consistency bring the concept to realization.

Having a daily reminder of the desired outcome keeps your mindset on track to achieve your goals. There are several ways to approach this:

  • Create a mantra that's repeated every morning to prepare your mind for the new way of thinking;

  • Making gradual changes to your routine that make steady improvement towards reaching your goal;

  • Having a physical item that represents the desired outcome.

An example of a physical item can be found in jewelry. Lasabrjotur contributor Ylveig used this technique to create one of a kind jewelry that conceptually represents the unlocking of the potential within for one to wear as a daily reminder to make choices that lead to growth in the individual.

In the newly added necklace, each charm, and bead count has a specific intention.

  • Skeleton key - symbolizing the ability to unlock the potential to create ourselves into a better and stronger version;

  • The section of decorative beads surrounding the charm, has a count of 2 representing :U:ruz - the will power, consistency, and persistence needed for achieving our goals;

  • The next section of glass beads on either side has a count of 8 representing :G:ebo, - the self-sacrifice needed to shed the deadweight and negativity within;

  • The following section has a count of 4 representing :A:nsuz - the initial spark of inspiration and desire to achieve and become; The following section has a count of 13 representing :Ei:waz - the vertical axis and the representation of the spiritual awakening and alignment of all areas of our life;

  • The final section has a count of 6 representing :K:enaz - to keep the fire burning within you to be a continued source of success;

  • Finally the total number of metal beads is 8, representing :W:unjo - the true joy and pride one feels when accomplishment is achieved.

Continue to grow, and put your words and ritual into action.

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