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Necromancer - Ritual Soap

This soap is named after those who break through the taboo of working with the dead. Not only to honor those who attempt to cross the veil, but to be used by them.

Patchouli has historically been used to anoint the body to prevent the unwanted smell of decay from offending the mourners. This plant has been used in our soap to help mask the smell of the living. This enables the witch to work with the dead without being detected as an outsider. Due to the use of patchouli to cover the deceased, the spirit of this plant has been told secrets of the dead, and is also used as a tool for rites. When bathing with this soap, it is important to pay tribute to the spirit of patchouli for his guidance and assistance in necromancy.

Essential oil from the orange peel is also used in this soap to help prevent exhaustion. Rather often, when people work with the dead, they can easily become lethargic if they are not careful. Lifting the veil can tire the mind and cause a mental fog due to the spirit still housed in a living body being pulled to the Black Earth. The orange peel helps to remedy this issue. It helps to ease anxiety while helping to guard the immune system from decay. This allows the body to recover while working with the dead.

Rosemary is a powerful healing herb. It assists with the ability to remember, allowing the witch to recall the information gathered after working with the dead. It works with orange peel by providing mental alertness while the orange peel assists more with the physical health. Some necromancers have the inability to remember what their encounter with the dead taught them. Rosemary helps to remedy that by giving the witch the mental tools needed to recall the valuable information they have obtained.

Use this soap in ritual cleansing to help prepare for the main rite to assist with guidance, mental clarity, and connection with the dead. (See previous blog post about ritual bath)

It is recommended that before doing necromancy work, the witch refrains from ingesting salt, garlic, or white wine, as this may offend the dead.

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