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Gift of Inspiration

The prayer bracelet starts with a key, set to unlock what lies before you. The initiation bead follows. There is only one, as this is the drive needed for this beginning. In this particular prayer bracelet, there are four sets of seven, each separated by a single bead. Even though they are separated, the four beads represent Ansuz. This rune is the rune of breath – the rune of inspiration and transformation. This takes thought and brings it into existence with movement of forcing the air inside the lungs to outside of the body – into the physical world. In one word, manifestation.

These singular Ansuz beads are the reflection after the grouped seven beads which represent Gebo. This rune, Gebo, is the gift – the exchange. It holds knowledge, wisdom, sacrifice. There is a saying, “For every gift, a curse.” No gift is free, even the ones given out of charity. Gebo is more of an exchange than a gift. To release the locks, what are you willing to do? These fetters will not fall away without work, so one must gather the inspiration and make the decision to change.

Some of the chanting bead styles in this four-by-seven design have extra spacers in between each bead. This is to help tell the difference between the beads. It was created especially for those with bigger fingers, or with more callouses, where the closely-spaced beads may not be as easily distinguished during chanting.

This prayer bracelet is for chanting spells, used as a tangible item to aid with the words spoken. Each bead should have a statement spoken as the witch goes over it, similar to mantras. One may also galdr over each bead the rune that is associated with it. This can be done rapidly to help build up a chant, or slowly to help create a focus. It may be worn in public, as a talisman that is hidden in plain sight, serving as a reminder of the lock that needs to be broken. It can also be worn solely in private during ritual, to help the witch focus on the power needed to complete the task that lies before him.

We have created a line of prayer bracelets named "Gift of Inspiration," which reflects in its name the runes that inspired it. There are various styles available. As always, we are willing to create a custom bracelet. We use the term "bracelet" loosely. Sizes vary from 7 to 17 inches. The names we have given them are simple descriptors, for we feel that if the owner bestows a name on the bracelet, it carries more power and creates a stronger bond between the piece and the individual. Similar to what we covered in a previous post, a beaded prayer rope may be known by many names. This particular style is perfectly worn around the hand while prayers and spells are spoken.

Unlock your inner potential. Be prepared to work in order to gain!

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