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Some of us perform our magic in the fields. From sowing to harvest, the magic is grown, and the true fruits of the labor are held and consumed. Once the harvest is eaten, the spell is unlocked. We are what we eat – the body takes what it is given and transforms it into muscle, blood, and bone. However, before all of this can be accomplished, a seed must be put into the ground and cared for. After the seed sprouts and the plant grows, it must be trimmed. The soil must be given nutrients and the weeds must be pulled.

After the ritual of gardening, the cathartic ritual of cleansing must be done to complete the process (please see previous blog post covering the subject). The cleansing properties of lemon and orange oils help to provide energy after hard hours in the sun. Ground apricot kernels and coffee beans help to scrub away the tougher stains of the soil and plant matter, while providing an earthy scent to remind the witch of the work that is not yet done. The hint of patchouli helps to calm any stresses experienced from dying plants, and aids the mind to communicate with the spirit of the plants. The ending notes are of lavender, to help heal any wounds sustained from the care of the plants.

Break through the binding shackles that seek to choke out the growth that is inside of you!

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