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Total Solar Eclipse

Photo Credit: A.Dohrmann

For almost a year now, America has been preparing for the total solar eclipse. It will occur on Monday August 21st 2017. Many stores are marketing the event rather well, with sunglasses on displays paired with signs asking, “Where will you be?” Many are joyous for the occasion, planning vacations and booking hotels close to where it will be visible. However, eclipses were not always viewed as a positive event.

Eclipses were often viewed as an omen, and many cultures still view them that way in modern times. This includes all eclipses. Be mindful that science has been unable to prove any ill-effects originating from eclipses (other than eye damage from staring directly at the sun during a solar eclipse). Most fears of eclipses come from ignorance. Almost every culture has some sort of myth of the planets and gods being angry and fighting, causing the sun and the moon to disappear or change colors. It was believed that destruction, chaos, and death would follow an eclipse.

In magic, witches can use this precious time to meditate and practice their craft. There are multiple eclipses a year, but due to the movements of the planets and the phases of the moon, most of them are unable to be witnessed. Since total eclipses are fairly rare to view, taking the energy to focus on the movement of the solar system is heightened at this time. A solar eclipse occurs during a New Moon, so this is an opportunity to perform a ritual for new beginnings. The eclipse will also offer the energy of an entire day (twilight, night, dawn, and day) within minutes, so this time can be used to focus on a transition or change that needs to happen quickly. One may also use this time to work on deconstructive magic (including curse work and banishing). Some view the new moon as a time for divination and soul searching. The opportunities are endless for the ritual that can be performed during this cosmic occurrence. Take time to focus and concentrate on a meaningful ritual that is full of intent and designed to be remembered. The true question to ask for the total solar eclipse is not “Where will you be,” but instead, “What will you be doing?”

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