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We created a soap that is to help not only create courage in the witch, but to bring the courage inside to the surface. The main scent is thyme. This may seem like an odd choice, but for courage, the reason is clear. Thyme used in aromatherapy has been known to be beneficial for stimulating the mind, aiding in concentration and memory. During the Middle Ages, knights were often given thyme by their lovers to give them courage in battle. We believe the thyme trapped in this soap will aid in the same manner for the witch.

The soap also contains rosemary, known as a masculine scent, to help boost the fearlessness behavior that is often seen in men. In holistic medicine, lemongrass aids with healing, which helps lead to gaining bravery. Patchouli aids with working with the dead and ancestor worship, which will help to lend boldness to the witch. Lavandin calms any possible nervousness so that during ritual preparation, the mind is clear and able to focus on the current task. Clove provides a sense of protection, which is truly something that is needed to be able to perform a task even though one feels frightened. Chlorophyll has been added to give the soap a gorgeous green hue naturally.

Use this soap before ritual to gather composure and courage. We have discussed different types of ritual bathing in a previous post here.

Paired with this soap is a sigil for courage. Kamila helped us with creating a design to match the sigil. The image is a woman wearing the pelt of a lion on her head, much like a shaman. Written on her cheek is the sigil for courage, marked on the face like war paint. We have created multiple products with the image to better remind the witch in mundane times that courage is provided at will. You can view them at our redbubble store. We decided to use a third party printing company for now so we can keep the costs down and never run out of products!

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