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Poison Ivy Charm

"She can protect her allies and surround them with a fiery wall of protection and close the path of their foes." - Poison Ivy Spirit. Using her essence to make a protective oil.

This oil was created with hand-picked leaves of poison ivy that bordered a wood line. The leaves were picked at the peak of the spring season, when all other plants were starting to bloom and wake up. The leaves were treated for a full cycle of the moon before strained into the vials. The oil is a beautiful green, full of the painful urushiol that guards the wearer. Each vial is sealed with wax to prevent Her protection from escaping. The vials are suspended on a simple chain to bring focus to the vial and Her power.

Poison ivy is a protector. If one takes notice, She mainly grows on the edges of the woods, and disperses the further one enters forested areas. Poison Ivy’s purpose is to guard, and attack those who trespass into the domain of the wild without her blessing. Her scorn is a fiery curse that easily spreads and is difficult to stop. Within minutes of making contact with the intruder, Her magic starts working. Weeks later, her actions are still visible on the enemy. Her curse starts with itching and burning, then blisters form and burst, and secondary infections are always a possibility. By the time the enemy realizes what has happened, it is too late – the damage is already done, and cannot be escaped.

She is not to be worn lightly, for she will turn on the wearer quickly. She must be treated with respect at all times, or she will release her fiery wrath, leaving destruction on anyone around her. The emphasis on the importance of her to be given honor and respect cannot be stressed enough.

This is an oil to carry not just as a simple talisman against those who wish harm, but to curse and maim those that seek to hurt. This oil actively destroys those who have baneful intentions and cross your path without permission. Wear Her protection daily, or use in specific rituals to plague those who want to scorn. She can be suspended above an altar or ritual space, as her vine will grow in places that defy gravity. Her act of vengeance is done in silence, so that the sufferer does not realize the damage done until it is too late.

Release the fetters that seek to bind you with the protection of Poison Ivy.

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