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October New Moon in Libra

Nerthus in pre-ritual meditation mask

In many practices of magic, the new moon seems to be ignored. However, I find that it is a perfect astrological event for allowing the death and release of energies. This naturally leads to a birth (or rebirth, if needed) of situations. In October, the new moon is in Libra. This only occurs in September and October, due to the planetary movements. This particular new moon will rise and set with the sun – allowing the sky to be darker than normal, allowing our minds to reflect more deeply on the approaching winter. Use this time to do a ritual to release what is negatively affecting you currently.

The new moon in October is one that brings change of season, since it is the first new moon after the equinox. October is for preparing for winter, many tribal people in times of yore as well as in modern day see this as a time to get ready. Some are preparing their gardens for the winter chill; others are making sure their homes are clean and prepared for the upcoming winter holidays.

Libra is an Air sign, and a Cardinal one at that. What does this mean? As an air sign, Libra tends to seek perfect homeostasis. Since it is a cardinal sign, it is affected by the transition into the new moon with possibly rash emotional outbursts, which is rather unlike the emotionally-balanced Libra. Even those that are not born under the Libra sign may be affected, especially Aires, since they are the opposite zodiac. So during this Thursday, be mindful of words and make sure that they are not emotionally-charged. This is a time where it may be best to hold your tongue.

This new moon that we will witness in October will bring balance in various ways. We may notice more of a feeling of calmness, allowing new relationships and partnerships to be created, or mending those that have been in turmoil. This includes work, family, and romantic relationships. Do not use this time to make important decisions, but rather focus on current issues and problems. Now is the time when solutions are easily found for existing troubles. If there is an important decision that needs to be made, take this time to look for the positives and negatives of each decision that could be made for later resolve. Wait until after the new moon to make the choice.

What the hell do we do with all of this information?

This is a time for ritual when one wants to focus on balance and find guidance. There is a great need for it at this time. Below is a simple ritual outline that can be used and modified as needed for personal ritual. Since this new moon will rise and set with the sun, this ritual may be done during the day while the moon is perfectly in its new phase. It can also be done at night, since the skies will be darker in the absence of the moon.

New Moon Ritual

Light a candle or fire. Anoint the crown with proper oils. Meditate, and write down what is to be released and transformed. Offer the writing to the flames. Cover hands in water, and sprinkle the flame. Recite words of power, or galdr runes. Meditate, and envision the events unfolding before you. Snuff out the flames to end the ritual.

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