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Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moons are a time of completion and illumination. The Full Moon in Taurus only happens in late October and early November. This will make earth signs feel more at home, but may agitate those born under a Scorpio sun. Unlike the previous new moon in Libra where it was suggested to keep emotions to oneself, this particular Full Moon encourages the emotions to be used. Many will be affected by this full moon and become more perceptive of other’s emotions. It can be a tool for constructive projects. Luckily for us, this Full Moon is conviently on Friday, November 3rd.

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Taurus makes people focused more on the tangible; they may not be willing to change their minds (stubborn as an ox!). If someone is in a healthy situation, they may be a bit more giving than usual. The opposite is also true. With many preparing for the upcoming holidays, we may see the Grinch come out of people during the first weekend of November. People will become more mindful of tangible items and fiat currency.

This is a great time to achieve balance. Since the New Moon was in Libra, the releasing of imbalance should have helped to arrive at this Full Moon with peace. It may be noticed that people are less reactionary, and emotions stay relatively neutral during this time. Any decisions that were put on hold from October can be decided on now.

How do we apply this information to ritual? Use this time to create aesthetic changes. Rearranging furniture, wearing different jewelry, and things of the like will help with this transition. Some may feel more comfortable doing this ritual in a different place than usual to help visualize a physical difference. This Full Moon is one designed for creation – this is when a project should be started, or at least use this time to have the plan are made since the inspiration will be at a high level.

For this ritual, it will help tremendously to have something tangible to work with – a small project that can be completed within a few hours. It does not have to represent your intent, but may help for those that work better with a visual representation. Start off with meditation. This may include chanting or singing. Since we are focused on the tangible, some may feel more comfortable holding the supplies that are to be used in the ritual. Light a candle or fire, and concentrate on the concept of the lighting of the fire is the inspiration that this full moon carries. Imagine how the wax or wood being burned by the flame mirrors your creativity for this project – consuming all and transitioning into the next stage of becoming. Now start the project. Work on it for however long is needed during this ritual. Fill up the materials with your intent, imagine yourself completing the project, your emotional state, and the outcome that is to be set. Feel free to sing, chant, galdr, or scream. This is the frenzy - the esctasy of the intent coming into existence. When you feel that your energy is placed into the materials, close the ritual. This can be done with pouring out a libation, finishing the project and giving it as an offering to the Deity or spirit of choice, or simply meditating or singing. Be sure to finish the project started in this ritual before the weekend is over.

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