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Making magic mead (or any alcohol, for that matter) is best for healing or some sort of helping aspect for another. Examples would be loading a mead with furvor, power, or victory. Wines can be made for rituals, such as specific seasons, rites, or magical workings (like ancestor work or specific spae craft). It is not suggested to make a mead for cursing, unless the alcohol is able to be delivered to the individual being cursed. Intent is key for the alcohol, because it will dicate much of the spell-work with its purpose. What makes magic alcohol unique is that it is a spell that remains locked and unactivated until it is drank. During the entire process (and with any in-depth magical working), a journal should be kept. This is for two purposes. One, is for recordings of the actual recipe and spell. Two, is for reflection of personal growth. There are many things that will "pop up" throughout the following months that will help for future work. For those who are not avid alcohol-makers, one gallon batches are best for personal magic working.

After intent and purpose are thought of and recorded, preparation for purpose is needed. This can take some time and research. The recipe should reflect the purpose of the mead. If it is a mead for love, it should be sweet. If it is a mead for victory, it should be made to reach a higher alcohol content for the idea of strength. The ingredients should have care and thought put into them. An example is making a mead for a shamanic death rite. Odin is the focus, and he rides on Sleipnir. So that mead would be named Sleipnir's Breath, and would be made of ingredients that a horse would eat. This could be semi-sweet, since enlightment is both amazing and dreadful.

Throughout the months where the mead is being created, a bindrune may be drawn. This is something that may seem optional, depending on the intent of the alcohol. Inspiration of a bindrune may manifest, but it is advised to not force it. Do not make a rune specifically reflecting the idea of alcohol, as this is redundant and unnecessary. The bindrune is to reflect the intent contained within the bottles. Save the ashes from each ritual fire used, as this is to be made into an ink for the labels.

The intent will dictate the times of the month where the mead is handled. If one is trying to create something that is for victory, one may see that using the full moon is more beneficial, while someone working on a bad character flaw can use the new moon. Going back to the Sleipnir's Breath mead, it may need to be timed to be ready by autumn or winter, to reflect the death and rebirth.

Depending on the intent, each bottle will have its own Doom. If it a mead for victory, most of the alcohol is to be drank. One bottle is to be given back to the wights/disir/etc, and one is to be kept and never drank or destroyed. It is to serve as a reminder of the growth the witch has done, and should be kept with the personal altar. From personal experience, it is best to focus on one ingredient per moon ritual. After all of the ingredients have been loaded separately, they should then be loaded as one piece, then loaded again during the actual combining with water and yeast for fermentation.

How one actually loads the alcohol is up to artistic expression. One may galdr, sing, dance, scream, talk – whatever fits the situation and comes to mind for the witch. The biggest key is that the yeast always be added last, and be filled with compassion. Yeast is an actual living thing, and it slowly dies as it converts sugar into alcohol. Just like any living being, it must be cared for in order for it to properly exist.

After the ingredients have been mixed and the fermenter has been set aside to age, a time of reflection will come. During the fermentation process, the fermenter is to serve as a mute listener. Notes are to be reviewed in its presence, and during the applicable moon phase, the fermenter with its contents is to be loaded. During racking and bottling, the alcohol is to have intent put into it. This is the final time intent is loaded into the alcohol. After it is bottled, the mead is to be aged. This varies due to the recipe used. As mentioned above, each bottle will have its own Doom. This literally is bottled-up magic. The magic contained within each bottle will not be activated until the bottle is opened and the alcohol is consumed

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