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Altar Blend

Altar Blend

In a previous post, we covered different types of sages and herbs that can be found in our herbal bundles. We carry a specific sage blend that is perfect for work done at the altar, so we simply call it the Altar Blend. It is a blend that includes mountain sage and dragon's blood.

This blend is made to be used with specific intent of power, healing, and strength. Rituals that it can be used for are cleansing, protection, meditation, good luck, strength, will, achieving, becoming, healing, overcoming negativity and overcoming grief. It is also a perfect tool for shamanism, journey work, path-work, divination, and dream work. It is believed that the mountain sage (also known as desert mugwort) collects the energy surrounding it while it grows, and releases it when it is burned. It grows at high altitudes in arid climates, so it collects raw power from the elements easily. It helps to give strength when energy levels are low. It helps to remove negative energy to make sure a new path is possible for better beginnings.

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