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Moon Calendars!

We are taking pre-orders from now until December 20th for 2018 moon calendars and perpetual moon calendars! Please click on this link to place your order now!

We have multiple options for moon calendars. Hand silk-screened print in vibrant water based color with a texture you can feel. The unique spiral design shows each phase of the moon daily. Ylveig and I searched for a unique moon calendar, and this is what we thought was best for both function and aesthetics! Full and new moon transitions are highlighted, and zodiac symbols listed.

The large prints are priced at $22, with dimensions of 13" x 25".

The small prints are $18 each, with dimensions of 7.5" x 14.5"

We even have one that you can plant at the end of the year - it has wildflower seeds in it!

The perpetual moon calendar left Ylveig and I in awe. Athanasuis Kircher was a philosopher and mystic of the 17th century. In his perpetual lunar calendar showing the phases of the moon, Kircher beautifully illustrates the unity of mathematics and mysticism. By using the growth properties of the arithmetical spiral, he makes it possible to read the the hour of moonrise in each successive phase. This print is made with water based ink on handmade Jute paper. It is available in two variations - black on white or gold on black. Its dimensions are 9" x 12" (22.8 x 30.4 cm) and is priced at $20.

Pre-order your calendars now through the 20th to arrive in January

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