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Ship of the Night

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As may have been noticed, there have been posts made for both the full moon, as well as the new moon. I had briefly mentioned with the new moon post that I prefer working under the new moon rather than the full moon. A kenning (Old Norse metaphor) for the moon is Ship of the Night. This reflects the power that the moon holds at all phases. Therefore, we also must take into consideration the waxing and waning of the moon. There are some that even work with the gibbous, quarters, and the crescent moons. However, I have not, so my personal knowledge of those workings only goes so far.

Full moon work is common, and almost any metaphysical store that one may walk into, there will be plenty of full-moon things to use. From stones and pendants to calendars and candles, there is no shortage of items with the image of the full moon on it. Many of the other phases of the moon seem to be ignored. If something is so sacred and useful to us, why are the other phases not mentioned as often? Hopefully, I am able to cover most of the main concepts of the different moon phases.

Each full moon brings with it the power of illumination. This phase is best for cleansing, banishing, healing, and creating clarity. In general, the full moon is great for big works of magic. Many people charge various items with the full moon by sitting the object out overnight. Others use this time for love spells, if that's your thing.

After the full moon starts the waning moon which flows into the new moon. All waning moons are perfect for getting rid of things. Think of the concept involves - the moon looks like it is getting smaller. So relating to that idea, this is the time to use magic to make things smaller. Banishing, unbinding, reversing curse work - things of that nature is performed during the waning phases of the moon.

Waning Gibbous is first of the waning series. It's a time for cleansing, banishing, undoing bindings, and relinquishing things. When I decided to quit smoking, I made a bind rune and drew it on the wrist of the hand that would hold the cigarette the most. I did this during a ritual at the start of the waning gibbous, so as the moon faded, so would my cravings for nicotine. This was a few years ago, and I have been cigarette-free and absent of cravings since.

Last Quarter is often used to break bad habits, break curses, to banish things. With the moon being half light, half dark, it is possible to use this time for magic dealing with decision making. Since this phase of the moon is a balance as it becomes darker, this helps give a "push" into the abyss, which is why it is good for banishing and breaking curses.

Waning Crescent is a time of restlessness as the void is near. Those who are sensitive to the moon phases may notice that their intuition is heightened at this time. Use this phase to do spell work seeking things like balance, success, and attaining wisdom. This is also time of continuation - removing things from the waning gibbous should still be worked on during this time.

Under the new moon, deconstruction magic is best - having things destroyed and crumble away. As one uses the new moon as a metaphor for the abyss, this is a perfect time for self reflection and divination. The best time to do curses and banishing is with the New Moon. I am not going to get into the debating of the ethics of curses. That is for a future post. However, if one wishes to curse, this time is perfect. Under total darkness, despair can be harnesses and spread.

Credit: Laura Iverson

This now brings us to the waxing phases of the moon. Waxing is a time of harnessing, and bringing things in. The concept is growth and expansion. Similar to a seed, the growth starts small and is almost unnoticeable. Patience and a calm demeanor is necessary.

Since the waxing crescent is the first phase after the new moon, it is perceived as a time of renewal and new beginnings. Rituals done during the new moon for new beginnings would start to show results at this time, leading up to the full moon. Imagine whatever work done during this phase absorbing and growing. This is a time to start magic that needs to build up.

First Quarter is used for work such as being more creative, tapping into stronger divination skills, sparking inspiration into lasting motivation and growing in strength. This is a time of Jera - the little embryo bursting out of the seed and into the soil. It knows which way is up and down, roots shooting out to anchor itself, as the seedling rises to become something greater. This is a doorway, but it is a time of alertness. One poor decision may create a catastrophic chain of events. Careful balance is needed, or chaos may result.

Waxing Gibbous is when the work from first quarter beginning to show. The motivation is obvious, the success is starting, the health is bouncing back. If there is a need for a jump-start or to help rekindle a flame, this is a good time for working on it. Magic during this phase is akin to the last bit of energy runner may use during a marathon for the final push needed to complete. Use this phase for increase and growth magic.

Some believe that there are three days to work with the main moon phases (full or new moon) - the day before, the day of, and the day after. Some believe that the day of the new or full moon and two days after works best, others believe that only the night of the new or full moon is for proper moon work. I'm not going to tell someone what is and isn't correct. Even if I provided archaeological information of one way or the other, there will be another article proving the first one wrong. My point is - as long as your Intent is passionate and your Will strong, the work will be done. Do it well, and that is all that matters.

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