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Product Highlight: Wildflower Moon Calendar

This unique moon calendar beautifully details the lunar phases of 2018 in an easy to read, monthly format. This allows for long-term ritual planning at-a-glance. 

Each calendar is hand letterpressed on recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds. After it has served its planning purposes in 2018, plant the calendar in your garden in the spring to reveal a spectacular wildflower display. By growing wildflowers, you'll help support habitats for birds, declining bee populations, butterflies, and many other species! Planting instructions: plant the calendar under a thin layer of soil, and water thoroughly. Place in a sunny corner, and keep moist during germination to grow wildflowers. 

We are still accepting preorders until December 20th here for this lunar calendar, and others .  Details: Handmade item Materials: Water based ink, post consumer recycled paper, wildflower seeds 7.5" x 14.5" Limited Edition unframed  *This is a preorder, and will ship before January 

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