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Full of Hate

Used with permission from Vinland Volva

Years ago, I was told after a rant that I was full of hate, and that I should not be, for it will consume and destroy me. Since then I have further embraced the hate that fills me. Hate is not the opposite of love, but a closely related passionate emotion. Similar to love, hate is a secondary emotion that is layered with other emotions – fear, frustration, shame, guilt, dissatisfaction, disappointment. I could go on with examples. The hate that I harbor is from strong opinions in life, for I believe that a weak opinion on anything is pointless.

It is believed in some schools of thought that someone who is constantly angry has self-esteem issues, and often believes that he is “not good enough.” This is true and false. I have always lived with depression. It is something that is part of my personality and identity. I would not know how to function or view the world if it were not for depression. I have learned how to wield it and make it work for me. I will be the first to admit that there are days it wins, but since I have taught myself how to use it for a creative outlet, those days are now rare. My depression stems from naturally being a nihilist. At times life is portrayed as being meaningless and pointless, but I have allowed anger to become the answer and transform depression into disdain. The anger molds my depression like fire allowing metal to be forged.

I am angry at the world, angry at life, angry at death. This is the origin of my passion and creativity.

Many people suffer from depression. If they could only see the potential that they hold, they can shift their emotions into powerful hatred, and could channel the energy into something creative and sustainable. Many artists have been diagnosed with various states of mental “illness.” Studies have proven that when they are medicated, they are less creative. This helps to prove that allowing emotions that are often viewed as negative possess a rather positive purpose. Creativity allows us to remain as individuals and help bring something interesting into this mundane world. Find that creativity deep inside of the emotions you are ashamed of.

Many of the products from Lasabrjotur are full of hate. Not as a curse for the wearer, but a direct representation of the passion that comes from hate. I personally hope it helps you through your work. Hate is passionate. Hate is binding. Hate is what makes great men wake up in the morning. Not love. Not the desire to help, but the desire to destroy what is weak. To conquer. This is the energy that I put into these pieces. I hope you feel it, and I hope it pushes you to destroy the barriers that are blocking you in.

#love #hate #depression #nihilism #creativity #passion #conquer

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