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Who Are We?

Who is Lasabrjotur?

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It probably has been noticed that Ylveig and I hide our identities. Our faces are turned, veiled, or perfectly just out of frame. At times, when replying to messages, or making a comment, we do not discern who is writing. Some have asked us why we do this. 

Simply stated – our ritual products are more important than ourselves.

We could post photos in provocative positions with our products, but that is something the shallow world of glossy magazines and social media wants. The human body has its place in marketing, but for us, we believe using sex to sell our goods only cheapens the product. We respect the concept of modesty and the sacred, and honor our products for the high worth they deserve. We also believe using our bodies to sell is not an aesthetic we want to keep in line with. Keeping ourselves veiled helps to highlight our products in a more natural way. 

We are not attempting to have some sort of alter ego to pretend that our lives are more interesting than what they really are. Rather the opposite - we are removing our selves from our lives, and use our bodies simply as a figure behind the product. We do not wish to have our forms remembered - we want people to think of the ritual tools that we provide. 

There are multiple people involved in the success of Lasabrjotur. We could easily use our faces to help promote it, and it would further boost our egos on social media. However, that is not in line with our goal. We are not trying to ride on the coattails of others, and we refuse to exploit any group that we are part of. Our goal is to provide excellent tools to unlock the potential within the witch. That cannot be done if someone can put a face to the tools. Ritual items sell themselves – we are merely the stewards to help make sure that the witch is properly equipped for ritual.

Unlock the potential within!

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