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Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury, photo from PBS.org

Mercury in retrograde is something that you may or may not be familiar with. Some witches follow astrology closely, and are well versed in this concept. Others are not. Usually when someone is introduced to the idea, it seems to be with a mixture of alarm, fear, and despair. Most of the statements fall in line with the idea that there will be trouble with machines and all forms of communication. It is considered a poor time to make decisions or start projects. Others believe that there is a huge emotional strain, causing depression and anxiety.

Oh no! Mercury is in retrograde! Do we head for the hills?

To quote my favorite fictional degenerate, Kenny Powers “Listen here you beautiful bitch, I’m about to fuck you up with some truth.”

There are no amount of crystals or tea that can save you from issues that arise from this period of time. If Mercury in retrograde is a bad three weeks for you, it is your own damned fault.

It looks like I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself. I vaguely stated that this is an astrological event, and there are some slight misconceptions. What is Mercury in retrograde? What does that mean?

Astrology is sometimes shrugged off since it is not science-based or sun-centered information. However, astrology is focused with the life on Earth, so it is considered earth-centered. The planets are studied with how they revolve around our planet, and not our star. Due to this, as planets travel in their orbit, to our skies, it sometimes seems that they go in reverse. This is called “retrograde.” Mercury does this a few times a year, since its orbit around the sun is faster than Earth’s. If we can remember our mythology correctly, Mercury is the messenger for the Gods. The planet named after him also has his attributes, including memory, wit, and ideas. The concept is that as Mercury is orbiting direct, all communications and plans go smoothly. When we see Mercury go into retrograde, however, we have problems.

During the times that Mercury is in retrograde, it causes some people to have emotional issues. It is commonly stated that people who are empaths or who are more sensitive will be affected. This is not completely true. All of your mistakes and regrets come to the surface during this time. Hiding from emotional issues will only make this time worse. Mercury in retrograde is a time of mourning, a time of healing.

From a more grounded perspective, if you are sloppy, unorganized, and do not maintenance your machines (computer, vehicle, oven, etc), you will have issues during this time. If paperwork piles up for three months, the chances of misplacing that important report will happen. If you forget to backup your hard drive regularly, you're bound to have a system crash and lose all of your data. If you have a tendency to be impolite with coworkers or friends, they are bound to take a comment the wrong way and react harshly towards you. Neglect builds up and eventually breaks.

So what are we to do? Do not start any projects until they are finished. Whether it is a knitted blanket or a payroll report. It is best to finish up projects before Mercury goes into retrograde, but it’s ok if it ends during the retrograde period. There are mixed opinions as to if there will be issues on the project if it is completed during this time. The general consensus is that no new project should be started during Mercury in retrograde. At all. Any decision making should be halted until Mercury goes direct. However, it is perfectly fine (and I would say encouraged) to plan during this period. Allow it to be a time of incubation for thorough planning. Once Mercury has left the retrograde, begin the project as needed. That will also allow a start date to be planned to prevent over-thinking. This may sound rather simple, but we often forget the basics. Setting due dates and timelines based off of Mercury entering retrograde will simply provide routine and help with accountability in life. That isn't such a bad idea.

For those affected by this emotionally, plan ahead and take the time to do ritual and meditation to heal past hurts. If not, each time Mercury goes into retrograde, it is going to hurt. If you are caught off guard and end up having a difficult time during this period, acknowledge the emotions. Scream, cry, punch a tree until your knuckles bleed – anything that helps release the anger, frustration, and sadness. Write down these memories that attempt to haunt you, so that you know what you need to focus on and heal afterwards. Use this time of retrograde to reflect and turn inward. As stated before, this is a time for mourning, but also a time for planning. After the retrograde is over, start working on healing while the painful reminder of the past is still fresh in the mind.

No matter what, this time of chaos is only temporary – just like everything else in life.

When is Mercury in retrograde for 2018? March 22 -April 15; July 25 - August 18, and November 16 – December 6.

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