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Take it Easy

Sitting in the shade under a tree on a hill, looking at a winding river and tall mountains. Immediately, a sense of calm and tranquility seem to wash over the body. Our newest soap is made with lemongrass and lime, to help the mind fight depression and boosts energy. The patchouli and sage help to relieve anxiety and allow a deeper level of meditation. A hint of bergamot brings confidence. Annatto seed has been mixed in to gently exfoliate, ridding that which is holding the witch back. This soap is made for ritual bath, cleansing the body while uplifting the mind.

There is work to be done, but it is to be done calmly and confidently. Prepare the mind to take it easy with a pre-ritual bath with this soap. It is also an excellent soap to use in a calming bath to release tension after a rigorous ritual that may leave the mind restless.

Unlock the potential within with our soap. Take it Easy.

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