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Lasabrjotur has published many blog posts over the last year, and we want to include you in the discussions! We've added a forum to our website where visitors and followers can start threads, comment, and interact with us and other forum members.

Currently, there are four discussion pages:

1) Rituals - from tools, structure, galdring, where to perform, personal and group rituals, and other to rituals; 

2) Kitchen Witch - open for discussions on recipes, craft work, art work, and household magik.

3) Garden Witch - this page is for all topics relating to herbs, herbal magik, and gardening. 

4) General discussion - have a topic or question that doesn't quite fit in the other categories? Start the discussion here. 

To ensure discussions are kept constructive, the forum is only visible to members. To become a member, click the sign up button, and enter a valid email address and password. We simply ask that you keep your discussion topics respectful, and your comments on point and appropriate. 

The forum is free to use, so we encourage you to head over to www.lasabrjotur.com/forum and get started today! 

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