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A few posts ago, we debuted artwork to match a sigil that we drew up. This sigil is simply for a witch. Not just any witch, however – but for the one who has walked the path and knows it well. It is not for someone who dabbles or has recently started this journey. It is for the one who has devoted most of their time and their lives to the craft. The serious practitioner, if you will. It is designed for any word that one may use – shaman, pagan, vitki, volva, kona – it has all of those thoughts in mind.

We have decided to name a soap that was inspired by this sigil. The ingredients mimic the concept of the Heke. The main essential oil used is sage. The word alone carries a meaning of someone having profound wisdom and knowledge. The plant sage is also used in our herbal bundles to help with ritual ceremonies. Sage itself has amazing properties, with claims that it helps to boost cognition (which further ties into using it for a seasoned witch soap!).

Lemongrass and spearmint are also in the blend for this soap, giving a hint of spice and citrus that helps to boost the body with energy and relieve depression. Lavender oil is also mixed in to help the witch stay calm and tap better into intuition. The calendula oil used in this soap gives a cooling sensation similar to spearmint to help wake up as well as soothe the body and mind. All of these together help to bring balance as the witch prepares for ritual with a bathing ceremony, or helps to bring a ritual to a close by letting the mind know what the proper focus should be for.

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