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As mentioned in a previous post covering moon phases, curse work is sometimes used. We even provide a rosary collection that is used for curse work. Curses and witchcraft is a subject that some refuse to discuss. This article is purely stating my unapologetic opinions. If you do not believe in using curses and only do "white magic," then this is probably not for you.

The world is violent and chaotic. Animals are not peaceful. Anyone watching a documentary of lions in the African Savanna will easily come to that conclusion. Humans, being animals themselves, are going to be equally violent and chaotic. In the history of humans, we spend more time at war than we do at peace. I read a statistic that only about 300 days in human history have we been at peace. Hate and destruction is what we know and is entwined in our genetic makeup. It is in our nature to use our primal rage and direct it at our enemies. Some do not wish to go to prison for murder, so they turn to magic to curse those that have wronged them.

There is no black, white, or gray magic. There is only magic. Trying to label the type of magic done is akin to the ridiculous amount of sub-genres labeled to bands that do not fit into a category perfectly. The debate of if curse work is low magic, primitive, or practical fall into the same quagmire of category garbage. Curse work is a tool in magic, and it is to be used as needed.

Cursing comes in many forms. It can easily be done with a few words and intent, or a chant as one hold an object to keep count. It can be done with bloodletting or using other bodily fluids to bind to the other person. It can be done with sigils or candle magic. Just like any other form of magic, there is no right or wrong way to curse. Various cultures have different aspects of cursing. Some Northern Europeans believed that cursing could only be done well once the full name of the victim was known. In some African tribes, one must know about a specific style of magic or curse in order for it to work. The style is up to the witch, just like all other magic.

However, like all magic, caution is needed. Magic should not be done by those wishing to make a fashion statement. Some believe that curse work and hate that comes from it is binding. The emotion that is created and used in order to hate someone binds the two together. In order to send powerful curses, the hate must be created and sent. As it is created, it can fester, and it is possible that some residual energy is left in the witch. There is also debate if that residual energy can be removed with ritual cleansing, like a smoke ceremony or bath.

There is a concept that in order to create something, another thing may be destroyed. Continuing with the idea that curse work is binding, the energy that is sent to the victim is taking energy from the creator. Some believe in the concept of cord connection. In contrast to cord cutting, cursing someone creates a cord that ties two individuals together. The energy that is created during the curse is sent to the victim, and may travel back to also harm the creator if he is not careful. The concept of balance also lead some to think that in order to give, something must be taken. This would be experienced in the form of poor health or bad luck. This may not be something that is immediately seen, but the creator of the curse may eventually have issues with physical or mental health. This is also a reason why some cultures used ritual sacrifice for the curse to come from the dead animal. In some books that discuss working with the dead for curse work, they state that care must be done during the working, or the witch's mental health will decline. In the end, many who are to the point of creating a curse do not care about the consequences, or believe that the curse is worth the repercussions.

With all magic, it must be done with confidence and knowledge. Anyone who performs magic without proper education is destined to be consumed and destroyed.

I leave you with possibly the most famous quote from Neitzsche.

He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

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