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Nornir Rune Sets

Product Highlight - Nornir Rune Sets

All of our Nornir rune sets contain all 24 runic letters from the Elder Futhark, the first and oldest Runic Alphabet.  All rune sets are stitched into cuts of domestic wood, gathered during the new moon.  

Each wooden rune set comes with a custom handmade bag, inscribed with "Nornir" in the same thread used for the rune set. Currently, there are three rune sets: Urd - "that which has been" in gold;

Verdandi - "that which is happening" in red; Skuld - "that which shall be" in green.

Just as the Norns weave our fate, each rune is woven into hand cut piece of wood, with a different thread color for each set, totalling three, to represent Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld.  

The accompanying bag features "Nornir" in the corresponding thread color.  

Each rune is approximately 1 inch in diameter. Wood is an organic material therefore each rune will vary. 

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