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Tarot Cards, part II

Now that the basics of the actual deck have been covered in our previous post last week, let us move on to the other factors for reading the spreads.

When doing a reading, look at what is in the cards. Let your intuition flow with what the card is showing you. It’s not just the number and suit. Are there flowers? Are there clouds covering the sun? What do you feel when you look at the card? That will always help you up when you forget the meaning. Some things will jump out more during one reading than another – this is your intuition telling you what’s going on. The more you work with the cards, the more you’ll get this. Also, when a card is upside down, instead of thinking “reverse,” think “RELEASE.” This will help guide how to get out of a situation, or what the person the spread is about needs to work on.

Reading up on basic color meanings will help with readings. Many cards are predominant in certain colors. This will help with the person you are reading for. It could be a chakra that is off, or a deeper meaning to the situation. As with most of tarot readings, the first thought that pops into one’s mind when looking at a card is what is most important to discuss. It is normal to have the same card in multiple readings and it represents something different in each one. Remember, when reading cards for someone, tell them what a color means to you. Blue may represent depression to some, but if you look at a card and feel calm, that is what should be stated.

When doing a reading, take out the card that represents the person. Ask their birthday. Say the individual’s birthday is 12/07/1972. That would be Sagittarius. So, pull out the Queen of Wands. This would represent the individual to let the deck know it’s for that particular person.

After you shuffle, knock on the deck to “clear it.” You will probably come up with one or two things that feels right to help the deck start a new spread. However, knocking is a tried-and-true concept that most witches stick with. Do not let the clearing ritual become long or complicated. This takes away from the actual reading and wastes time. A simple knock will do.

There are multiple ways to care for the deck while it is not in use. Keep the deck in a bag with crystals. The concept is that crystals help keep the deck clean and working well. Even in electronics, crystals are known for resonating specific frequencies. One may also bathe their deck in both sunlight and moonlight, depending on whether sun magic or moon magic is more important to the individual. Some will keep the under their pillow to build a closer bond with the cards. Smudge smoke ritual helps to clean off any negative energy from previous readings and individuals handling them when cutting the deck. When the cards are not in use, it is best to keep it wrapped in cloth or a bag. Traditionally, they are wrapped in silk cloth that is used to read the spreads on. The more you handle it and make it yours, the easier it is to work with. Pretty much, care for the cards the same way that you would with a rune set or anything else that is to have your will and intent put into it.

The tarot uses numbers, and the basic 1 through 10 are important to know. This is especially important if using playing cards for a reading. Below is a simple list of numbers and their meanings.

1 Beginning, individuality, independence, leadership, drive, source, will, success, manifestation

2 Couple, union, friendship, balance, cooperation, intuition, partnership (romantic and business)

3 Communication, creation, fertility, arts, energy, tripod

4 Stability, foundation, organization, rules, hierarchy

5 Chaos, unbridled, chances, freedom, unpredictable, unstable, BIG ENERGY

6 Compassion, love, healing, choices, home, emotional security

7 Focus, luck, spiritual intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, magic/occult

8 Business, finances, personal power, authority (IF REVERSED, DO NOT INVEST)

9 Sacred awareness, close to last reincarnation, strength, awakening

10 Renewal, glory, divinity, release of burden

Hopefully these two posts will help with reading tarot cards for yourself and others. As always, if you have questions and need help, drop us a line!

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