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Magic During Mundane

The Goat Girl, Corbet

In a previous post, examples were mentioned of how to hide magic in public. Let us now go a little deeper into how exactly to do that.

Our ancestors did not see a separation between magic and mundane. Magic was done whenever was necessary. In one version of the King Arthur tale, Arthur’s mother sees a vision of Uther Pendragon while she spun thread. In Njal's saga, women used the art of weaving to help the outcome of a battle. The Orkneying Saga tells of a mother who embroidered to protect her son in battle. The examples could go on forever of women using mundane tasks for magic.

After witchcraft was banned in various countries, women began to hide magic in everyday tasks. Any repetitive task would be accompanied with a chanting spell. This would allow a trance to be held, energy to be built up, and the magic to be sent. If they were interrupted, they could easily state that they were so focused on the task that they did not realize they were singing to themselves.

This is nothing new. This is simply a way of making sure that magic survives in our lives with daily workings.

In modern day, we may not be churning butter or washing clothes on a washboard, but there are other medial tasks that we can use with magic. Sweeping, washing dishes, folding clothes, and other “mindless chores” can easily be done with a simple chant, keeping in rhythm of movement to build a spell. The energy of the spell would be sent at the end of the task – throwing the collected dirt away, turning off the water, or closing the dresser drawer. Performing magic like this can even be done at work as well. There is not much of a difference from softly singing a pop song while cleaning and singing a chant for magic.

Performing magic like this allows the mind to become more disciplined to be able to conduct magic at any time. It brings more focus and purpose to everyday life. It also provides an outlet for creativity where there normally would not be one. For those that feel as though their busy schedule will not allow for them to take the time to dedicate and conduct a full, proper ritual, this allows for small ritual work to be done until a larger, private ritual can be obtained.

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