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No Time for Spells

There are times when one may feel as though he does not have any time during the week to devote to magic or meditation. In today’s modern society, this is a very common issue that we must deal with. However, I remember when I started practicing T’ai Chi, my instructor stated that if someone does not have ten minutes a day to devote to something so small yet so important, we need to look inward at ourselves and our destructive habits. I have written previously how one can easily perform magic in the open with mundane tasks without others noticing. If a witch is still too self-conscious about people seeing or listening, a simple mantra in the morning and at night can help establish a routine for meditation and spell work.

A mantra is simply a short prayer, or a chant only stated once. It can be one word or a few sentences. However, at its core, it is a statement for the witch to say. It allows a thought to become an action, sent out into the world to be reverberated back. Once memorized, it can be said while in the shower or during the morning and afternoon commute to and from work.

A simple mantra for the morning may include. One that many witches following a Germanic-rooted path is Frigga’s prayer.

Hail to thee Day, Hail the Day’s sons!

Hail Night, and Daughters of Night!

With blithe eyes look upon us,

Send those sitting here speed,

Hail to thee Gods, Hail Earth that give to all!

Goodly spells and speech bespeak we from you,

And healing Hands in this Life.

For the evening, something different can be stated, honoring the night, ancestors, or something else along those lines.

Hands now must rest,

Thoughts will now stand still,

My magic I have sent.

Hail the one who speaks them,

Hail the one who explores them,

Useful to he who received them,

Hail they who heed them.

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