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Layering Will for Magic

Layering the Will is important for the witch. For those that have a permanent altar or working space, this concept will make perfect sense. Layering Will is an easy concept, as it is basically creating a ritual space, but it does take time and patience. Rarely is a witch able to do work in a space that does not have any layering at all. Having to do this in modern day is due to the destructive places we as humans have created. If it were not for this, we could quite possibly perform ritual anywhere. However, since humanity is cutting itself off from nature, it has become a necessity to layer our Will in order to be able to perform ritual.

Layering Will is simply doing magic in an area over and over again. This includes full rituals, spells, meditation, and even cleaning and care of the area. An area shared by others has the Will of others in that space, and that will help a newcomer be able to become comfortable with performing magic there. This is due to the community building together and the residual energies left by them in that space. This allows the witch to be able to quickly focus and perform magic without being distracted in any form.

For a personal, private area, it may take a little longer to layer the Will until the energy has built up enough where the witch can begin to focus on the ritual with minimal effort.

Some may try to argue, that one can walk in the middle of a nature preserve and do a ritual with ease. This is because Will has been layered there through the appreciation and awe that humans have given that area. The adoration for the Great Wild is a form of layering Will. As easy as it would be to perform magic in a forest, it would be equally difficult to perform magic on the sidewalk in a poor inner-city neighborhood. There is nothing on the sidewalk to help the witch, where the nature preserve acts almost like a protective bubble, allowing the witch to do whatever magic is needed.

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