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Altar Pots

These wooden bowls with lids are the perfect altar pot. It is used to hold items such as incense, herbs, or ritual jewelry. Storing items in an altar pot helps to hold their energies allowing their intention to build up for better manifestation of the spell in which they are intended. They can also be used for scrying, as well as for holding offerings.

Since these pots are made of wood, they are connected with the concept of inguz – the rune of stored energy and personal development. Inguz is a rune of separation for growth. It is a seed that can be destroyed or devoured if not cared for. However, with the proper care of internal reflection, the seed is able to crack open and manifest itself.

Each pot is hand turned from individual pieces of wood, making each unique. Inscribed on the bottom of each pot is the type of wood it is carved from, allowing the witch to become more familiar and connected with the energy of the piece. The lids fit snugly to allow the secure storage of herbs and other sundries that need to stay on an altar.

You can find the altar pots here - adorn your altar with tools to unlock the potential within!

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