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New Transcend Ritual Set Available at Lasabrjotur

The “Transcend” ritual soap and scrub set  brings slightly different, but complimentary approaches of external application dedicated to moving on. Those that carry grudges, painful memories, traumas, or guilt, will benefit from the exfoliating elements and aromatic properties to connect between the spiritual and the physical to remove what needs to be let go. This will allow the body and mind to be restored to its required state of balance, for moving forward in spiritual and ritual work.  

This peppermint-based ritual soap and scrub penetrates deeply to release physical tension, and allows recuperation from past flames. Past experiences, such as emotional trauma, guilt, anger, and grudges, may keep one stagnant. Combined with the ritual aspect of breathing exercises and meditation, a ritual bath using one or both of  the Transcend apothecary items will provide the physical act of removal, as well as, aromatic benefits for internal reflection and letting go. Transcend Soap: Similar to the entheogen enjoyed by the Eleusinian mystery participants, this soap holds peppermint oil with a hint of rosemary to encourage the initiate to walk the path. Ground wheat and barley grass act as an exfoliate to leave behind dead weight holding one back. Transcend Scrub: The peppermint cools, creating an environment of stillness ideal for reflection and meditation. The lavender soothes and calms, while the frankincense repairs that which is in disarray, and the salt cleanses and sloughs away that which needs to be removed. 

Purchase yours, or as a gift for a loved one (gift wrapping available!), here today!

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