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Wanderlust Soap Highlight

Wanderlust is the strong desire for travel. Exotic scents of five citrus fruits, as well as lemongrass tied with madder root bring thoughts of travel to distant lands, no matter where the witch currently resides.

Bergamot’s soothing scent provides a feeling of confidence for travel. Lemongrass’ earthy undertones help to relieve any tension of the anxiety building up from feeling stagnant. Tangerine’s sweet smell will assist in overcoming fear and sadness, while lime’s sharply fresh fragrance aids to alleviate the feeling of listlessness. Blood orange gives a tangy, yet tart scent that is more complex than the wild orange. Both of the oranges give a stress relief, and are uplifting for the spirit. Madder root helps give this soap its beautiful red hue, helping the mind establish the connection of the blood that courses through our veins, and allows us to move. Using madder root for color is a gesture of respect to the multitudes of countries in Europe and Asia that have used the root for centuries. All citrus is known to help lift the spirit, but each oil combined for use in this Wanderlust soap were selected to help with specific feelings experienced surrounding the strong desire to travel. The exotic scent of citrus will allow the witch to be mindful of what is to come, while the madder root and lemongrass will maintain a grounding sensation that prevents the witch from getting lost while wandering.

Prepare before the journey with a ritual bath. Concentrate on the task at hand, and the organization that is needed. Create a strong connection between the soap and the body, seeing the soap as a protective veil in preparation for the journey. Build up the Will and the ability to create the opportunities for travel, using the soap as the tool for the spell. Used in this manner, the soap is a great way to overcome the feelings of cabin fever. During times of travel, use the Wanderlust soap to help maintain energy levels, and prevent feelings travel fatigue. When the witch is finally home and the traveling is over for a time, use the soap to stabilize and enjoy the memories of the journey for ages to come. Ingredients: essential oils of blood orange, bergamot, orange, tangerine, lemongrass, and lime, madder root, rosemary extract

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