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Grounding Soap Highlight

Grounding is a soap that is made with the purpose of simply calming down and getting back to center. Made with oats, cassia, and clove, this soap has earthy notes as well as a natural exfoliate to help the witch with the ritual bath for any intention. This soap may be used before or after a ritual with the intent of staying focused and connected with the surroundings.

Clove is known for its warm, woodsy scent, with subtle hints of leather. Its smell has been known to encourage sleep, stimulate dream, and create a sense of protection. Cassia is also known for its warm and earthy scent. It has been used in consecration and purification rites. Both are known for their warming sensation, which help to envelope the witch with a feeling of calm that is needed to concentrate on magic.

The oats in this Grounding soap help to exfoliate, sloughing off dead skin cells – letting go and calming. Oats have long been used long in magic for prosperity. In this soap, it will help wash away what is unnecessary to center the mind.

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