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Heidrun Soap Highlight

Heithrún, the goat

on the hall that stands,

eateth off Læráth's limbs;

the crocks she fills

with clearest mead,

will that drink not e'er be drained

– Hollander’s translation

Heidrun is a simple soap that harnesses great power. This soap is made with honey and oats in honor of the goat that gave mead from her udders instead of milk. According to the Grímnismál , a Norse mythological poem, she fed from the leaves of Yggdrasil. As she fed, her food was transformed into honey wine, known as mead. The einherjar, who were those who died in battle and stayed in Valhalla, were the ones lucky enough to enjoy the mead that Heidrun was able to provide.

As Heidrun was able to magically convert what she ate into mead, this soap named in her honor is to be used in ritual bath to help assist in flourishing transformation. Honey is often used for binding in spellwork. In the process of transformation, chemicals are being rearranged and bound together in different ways to create something more powerful and useful than before. Honey also helps to soften the blow of change with its sweet and calming scent.

Since we are unable to harvest leaves from Yggdrasil ourselves, we decided to use oats, as they are a dietary staple for goats. Oats have been used in magic for years as a representation of prosperity. Similar to the concept of Heidrun’s continuous wealth of mead, this soap is made with the intention of bringing success through reshaping of the mind and body.

This soap may be used in ritual bath for creating the intent for change. The oats help to physically slough off the dead skin cells that represent everything that needs to be released. The oats in doing so will create the opportunity for prosperity. This is where the honey comes in for binding the exact intent to the witch for proper transformation.

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