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A Ritual Use of Henbane

Rituals are not for those who seek instant gratification, or an overnight miracle. Rituals mark the start of a process and bring intentions into being that can only close when inspiration, will, and discipline bring completion to task at hand. Each ritual should set clearly in the mind the path that one must take, the sacrifices needed, and the actions necessary.

Rituals can take on various forms: daily mantras that set your mindset and focus for the day all the way to large group rituals with energies from multiple individuals adding to the hamingja of those present.

The most recent personal ritual for me outside my morning routine, was performed around the full blood moon eclipse that occurred at the end of July 2018. As a female, I usually perform rituals around the phases of the moon. Because a full moon is then proceeded by a period of waning to a new moon (which marks new beginnings and potential), it seemed the perfect time to target a personal weakness within myself. The intention was to follow the ritual each day with conscious decisions to diminish the hold of the weakness on my being.

After setting my intention, a specific runic formula was designed to seek out and destroy the weakness within me. This was then galdred over my ritual beverage - Henbane beer. The drink of choice is an important aspect (for more information on making your own ritual drink refer to the post here), as using fermented beverages can elevate your ritual experience. I wanted to take it a step further by utilizing a beverage made with the poisonous seeds of the Henbane plant.

Not only does Henbane beer provide an altered state of consciousness for deeper reflection of the Self, by consuming this beverage, the desired affect was to associate the same feeling that occurs as my body recognizes the poisonous nature of the Henbane and the desire to expel it, to the specific part of myself that is chosen as less desirable.

It is important to note that using poisonous plants is not to be taken lightly, and should be left to the discretion of the individual. It is not for beginners, or anyone that has no previous experience with poison plants.

What is the structure of your rituals like? What do you use? Have you used poison plants in your rituals before? Share your insights with us!

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