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Aegishjalmr Decorative Pillow

"The Helm of Awe

I wore before the sons of men

In defense of my treasure;

Amongst all, I alone was strong,

I thought to myself,

For I found no power a match for my own."

- Fafnismal

Originally stamped between the brows of Nordic warriors during battle, the Aegishjalmr was used as a traditional sigil to ensure victory. After placing it on their forehead, they would recite: Ægishjálm er ég ber milli brúna mér! (I bear the helm of awe between my brows!)

While most believe the Aegishjalmr was used to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy, it can also be said that it instilled courage and confidence in the men who bore the symbol to fight with honor and for glory.

Having this sigil embroidered onto a pillowcase is a unique piece for the home. Seeing the sigil every day will remind the witch of what is being fought for. The aegishjalmr is hand-stitched utilizing the chain stitch technique with the intention of inspir the owner to do more and be more for the house. Essentially, building up the Will to protect the hearth and home.

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