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Courage and Strength

Fille and finule, felamihtigu twa, þa wyrte gesceop witig drihten, halig on heofonum, þa he hongode; sette and sænde on VII worulde earmum and eadigum eallum to bote. Stond heo wið wærce, stunað heo wið attre, seo mæg wið III and wið XXX, wið feondes hond and wið færbregde, wið malscrunge manra wihta.

Thyme and Fennell, two of much might, They were created by the wise Lord, holy in heaven as He hung; He set and sent them to the seven worlds, to the wretched and the fortunate, as a help to all. It stands against pain, it fights against poison, it avails against 3 and against 30, against foe´s hand and against noble scheming, against enchantment of vile creatures

Thyme is more than just a lovely culinary herb. Since the beginning of the history of writing down herbs and there uses, thyme has been around. The Egyptians used it in embalming ceremonies for mummies, and Roman women would wear it to increase their beauty. Its warm and herbaceous scent brings about the feeling of courage. This member of the mint family is a perennial evergreen herb. Thyme loves a hot location in the full sun with well-drained soil. It also helps to deter pests from vegetable plants, and is often grown in between rows to help as a natural pest control.

Thyme has been known to help support the body in many ways, from calming digestive issues to muscle issues, to unregulated cell growth. It was also one of the herbs used to embalm the dead during the period of the Black Plague.

The etymology of the word thyme comes from the Greek word meaning “burn,” or “sacrifice,” which suggests that thyme has been used as ritual incense for years. It is believed that keeping it under a pillow will help keep away nightmares and allow for a restful night, similar to betony. Thyme is believed to have feminine and water associations. It is also considered a plant of Venus. Thyme is a perfect herb to bring forth strength and courage to reach goals that seem unobtainable.

For our herb charm, we use the seed of fennel to serve its true purpose. Many who have enjoyed sweet Italian sausage have eaten fennel. It has a slight liquorish taste and helps add a sweet flavor to savory dishes. Its use has dated back to the ancient Roman times, and like all of the other herbs mentioned, has a long list of health benefits.

Fennel is a perennial of the carrot family that can grow six feet tall. It is native to the Mediterranean region, but now grows on every continent and is considered a weed in Australia and the United States. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil, so it is often found growing on the sides of highways.

Fennel attracts swallow tail butterflies, so in magic, this can be used to attract the endurance, change, hope, and life. Fennel corresponds to air and the planet mercury. It is believed that if it is hung above the door of the home, it can protect against witchcraft. Chewing fennel seeds before speaking can help build up courage by calming the butterflies in the stomach. Using the seeds in charms can keep unwanted eyes from prying into one’s business.

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