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Green Votive Candles

Little is known about the true origins of candles. We know the ancient Egyptians were the first group of people to use wicked candles. Early civilizations from Japan to Rome used various materials from insects to plants to create the wicks.

Candles were made from animal fat until the Middle Ages, when the use of beeswax became common. This wax had a more pleasant smell, and did not smoke as badly as the tallow used. It was not until colonial times when blubber from whales (spermaceti) started to be commonly used, which is no longer used in most countries. Bayberry wax was used for a short time, usually combined with beeswax, but the extraction process is tedious, so it fell out of favor.

With the rise of industry and technological advancements, efficient waxes may come from byproducts of petroleum and animals.

At Lasabrjotur, we require beeswax for our candles. Not only does this ensure that our customers receive a product that burns clean, and naturally has a pleasant aroma - it’s tradition, which is what our magic is all about. Using beeswax to make candles echos the deeds of our chandler ancestors - giving them honor and respect. Since the wax is a byproduct from bees, it harnesses the power of industriousness, commitment, and loyalty. Using a candle made with this in mind helps to build layers of intent so that the witch is better prepared for ritual.

We process our candles in a specific way that forces the wax to solidify in a beautiful pattern that looks similar to frost.

For this limited run of seven, the color is a deep forest green - perfect for the witch working with plants. From work with poison plants to the black in green of the first tiller, these votive candles are perfect. We’ve scented these candles with a light fragrance of amber in honor of the sap it represents.

These candles do not contain anything other than wax, dye, and fragrance.

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