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Healing Blade

Ond þu, wegbrade, wyrta modor, eastan openo, innan mihtigu; ofer ðe crætu curran, ofer ðe cwene reodan, ofer ðe bryde bryodedon, ofer þe fearras fnærdon. Eallum þu þon wiðstode and wiðstunedest; swa ðu wiðstonde attre and onflyge and þæm laðan þe geond lond fereð.

And you, Plantain, mother of herbs, Open from the east, mighty inside. over you chariots creaked, over you queens rode, over you brides cried out, over you bulls snorted. You withstood all of them, you dashed against them. May you likewise withstand poison and infection and the loathsome foe roving through the land.

Plantago is yet another herb that many have seen and disregarded as a common weed. It is more than that. It has benefits for both mundane and magic uses. It prefers to grow in soil that lacks nutrients, and grows well in compacted soil. The two varieties of plantago are broad and narrow leaf.

In culinary arts, plantago has a few uses. It can be dried and enjoyed as a tea, or the fresh leaves can be treated like spinach and added to any dish in place of it. Since the leaves can become tough as they age, the younger leaves are preferred for cooking.

Plantago has multiple health benefits. It is believed to be antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It can help alleviate all sorts of issues from nerve damage to unregulated cell growth. If prepared as a herbal tonic, it can be taken to help alleviate such problems. One can also make a poultice with it to help alleviate issues that arise from bug bites. Since this plant grows well along trails, it is one easily used while hiking.

In the Nine Herbs Charm, Plantago is referred to as Waybeard, suggesting that Odin’s lends his own strength and magic to this plant. In magic, it is believed to be a feminine herb, influenced by Venus and corresponds with the element earth. Like most of the herbs in the Nine Herbs Charm, it can be used for strength, healing, and protection. This herb is known to heighten the strength of other herbs when used, so it is a perfect addition to this charm.

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