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Lacnunga. Remedies.

The Nine Herbs Charm is an herb craft spell that dates from the 10th century, found in a manuscript called Lacnunga (remedies). The Nine Herbs Charm lists specific herbs that are to be combined and used to help heal or to keep away illnesses. The witch is to combine all of the herbs while calling to them their properties. After the herbs are ground down, they need to be mixed with soap and juice and formed into a paste, where it is then placed on the inflicted person in multiple spots. To the novice, this is simply a bunch of random herbs thrown together to make someone feel like they are making a difference. However, to those with herbal knowledge, it becomes apparent that this is truly a well thought-out list of herbs that are known for healing. We are going to highlight each herb to give it the spotlight it deserves in both witchcraft and healing arts.

This herb combination can still be used today in rituals. The herbs can be thrown into bath water to help prepare the mind for the healing properties of the herbs, or after ritual to cleanse any harmful energy. If one wished, the herbs can be thrown onto incense charcoal at any point of the ritual to help fumigate the area with healing intentions. Stay in contact with us on how to get a perfect blend of the nine herbs.

Below is a beautifully done translation of the poem. In the coming days, we will go over each part of the poem that calls upon the plants as healers.

Remember, Mugwort, what you made known, What you arranged at the Great proclamation. You were called Una, the oldest of herbs, you have power against three and against thirty, you have power against poison and against infection, you have power against the loathsome foe roving through the land.

And you, Plantain, mother of herbs, Open from the east, mighty inside. over you chariots creaked, over you queens rode, over you brides cried out, over you bulls snorted. You withstood all of them, you dashed against them. May you likewise withstand poison and infection and the loathsome foe roving through the land.

'Stune' is the name of this herb, it grew on a stone, it stands up against poison, it dashes against poison Nettle (?) it is called, it attacks against poison, it drives out the hostile one, it casts out poison. This is the herb that fought against the serpent,  it has power against poison,  it has power against infection, it has power against the loathsome foe roving through the land. Put to flight now, Venom-loather, the greater poisons, though you are the lesser, until he is cured of both.

Remember, Chamomile, what you made known, what you accomplished at Alorford, that never a man should lose his life from infection after Chamomile was prepared for his food.

This is the herb that is called 'Wergulu'. A seal sent it across the sea-right, a vexation to poison, a help to others. it stands against pain, it dashes against poison,

A worm came crawling, it killed nothing. For Woden took nine glory-twigs, he smote the the adder that it flew apart into nine parts. There the Apple accomplished it against poison that she [the loathsome serpent] would never dwell in the house.

Chervil and Fennell, two of much might, They were created by the wise Lord, holy in heaven as He hung; He set and sent them to the seven worlds, to the wretched and the fortunate, as a help to all. It stands against pain, it fights against poison, it avails against 3 and against 30, against foe´s hand and against noble scheming, against enchantment of vile creatures.

Now there nine herbs have power against nine evil spirits, against nine poisons and against nine infections: Against the red poison, against the foul poison, against the white poison, against the pale blue poison, against the yellow poison, against the green poison, against the black poison, against the blue poison, against the brown poison, against the crimson poison, against worm-blister, against water-blister, against thorn-blister, against thistle-blister, against ice-blister, against poison-blister,

If any poison comes flying from the east, or any from the north, [or any from the south, or any from the west among the people. Christ stood over diseases of every kind.

I alone know a running stream, and the nine adders beware of it. May all the weeds spring up from their roots, the seas slip apart, all salt water, when I blow this poison from you.

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