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At Lasabrjotur, we start each apothecary project with a specific ritual intention, and then use a combination of research and herbal knowledge to utilize the appropriate herbs and spices to bring the intention to fruition.

What is a Tincture?

A tincture is a concentrated liquid form of an herb that preserves and concentrates the properties of the herb, making them more effective and longer lasting.

Tinctures are made by using dried herbs and alcohol, vegetable glycerin, or apple cider vinegar. The Strength.Power.Will and Support.Nurture.Serve tinctures at Lasabrjotur are made using alcohol and stored for a minimum of one lunar cycle. When the tinctures are ready, the liquid is strained from the herbs, and the herbs are then composted to return back to the earth.

Both tinctures use sandalwood powder because of the overall health benefits and long standing tradition of ritual use.

Sandalwood benefits include its ability to encourage mental clarity and relaxation, especially before rituals; health benefits to fight colds, coughs, acne, eczema, psoriasis and more; acts as a natural astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and expectorant; when inhaling the aroma of sandalwood or absorbing through the skin is thought to help the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls emotions.


“Strength.Power.Will” is a homemade tincture utilizing juniper berries, in addition to the sandalwood, to increase the primal masculine energy. The tincture has a suggested use of a few drops in a drink or under the tongue during a personal or group ritual surrounding the masculine.

Juniper Berries

While botanically, juniper berries are technically conifer seed cones produced by the juniper plant and not berries, they have a distinctive cone that forms a berry-like skin.

The use of juniper berries goes back to at least 1500 B.C.: Mentioned in an Egyptian papyrus; Found in multiple Egyptian tombs (including Tutankhamen’s); Burned as an incense for cleansing homes and temples; Used as protection from evil spirits; Culinarily used for flavoring alcohol (most notably gin); and associated with physical stamina and the Olympics by the ancient Greeks.

Add Strength.Power.Will to your ritual by getting yours here: https://www.lasabrjotur.com/product-page/Strength-Power-Will-Tincture .


“Support.Nurture.Serve” is a homemade tincture utilizing dried jasmine, in addition to the sandalwood, to encourage the feminine energies. The tincture has a suggested use of a few drops in a drink or under the tongue during a personal or group ritual evoking the traditional feminine.


Egypt dynasties, Chinese emperors, and kings of Afghanistan, Nepal and Persia were all said to keep jasmine flowers in their royal gardens. One Chinese emperor, living in the time of the Sung dynasty, kept a large quantity of jasmine in the grounds of his palace because he enjoyed their scent so much.

Varieties of the main species of jasmine used in perfume had found their way to Spain through the Moors in 1600. Major European powers such as France and Germany first came into contact with jasmine by the 1700s.

In Asian cultures, jasmine symbolizes purity, sacredness, graceful simplicity and sincerity, and the beauty of modesty. Jasmine is used during ceremonies relating to weddings, honoring religious figures, important individuals, and honoring the dead.

The health benefits of jasmine, as it relates to women’s health, may help relieve pain during menstruation, and may assist in regulating a woman's menstrual cycle. It may also be beneficial during childbirth and child rearing because it is reported to strengthen contractions and promote production of breast milk.

Add Support.Nurture.Serve to your ritual by getting it here: https://www.lasabrjotur.com/product-page/support-nurture-serve-tincture .

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