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þis is seo wyrt ðe wergulu hatte; ðas onsænde seolh ofer sæs hrygc ondan attres oþres to bote. ðas VIIII magon wið nygon attrum.

Wyrm com snican, toslat he man; ða genam Woden VIIII wuldortanas, sloh ða þa næddran, þæt heo on VIIII tofleah. þær geændade æppel and attor, þæt heo næfre ne wolde on hus bugan.

This is the herb that is called 'Wergulu'. A seal sent it across the sea-right, a vexation to poison, a help to others. it stands against pain, it dashes against poison,

A worm came crawling, it killed nothing. For Woden took nine glory-twigs, he smote the the adder that it flew apart into nine parts. There the Apple accomplished it against poison that she [the loathsome serpent] would never dwell in the house.

Crab apple at first seems to be the odd pick of the bunch, since it is not an herb like the rest of the plants in this charm. However, even Shakespeare made mention of the crab apple. Unlike its modern orchard cousins, the wild crab apple has thorns on it, and its bark is gnarled. The crab apple is in the rose family, and grows more like a bush than a tree. It prefers to grow in nutrient-rich soil that is slightly acidic, and prefers full sun. This small sized tree will grow from 10-20 feet, depending on the specific variety.

For health, crab apples offer a wide range of help like the other plants in this charm. As the old adage goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It is believed that the apple can help for all sorts of issues, from an upset stomach to a malignant growth.

Using its bark in a spell is a way to bring its physical aspects into a spell. Its bark is a defensive weapon against those that wish to harm. If one takes note, many of the depictions of unicorns are underneath apple trees. In Germanic mythology, the apple was associated with the goddess Idunna. The golden apples offered by her hand gave the gods immortality. Crab apples are perfect for spells that are used for protection and prosperity. Apples represent the sun, which gives life to all. The apple is known for eternal life, fertility, and regeneration. The apple is considered feminine and ruled by the planet Venus. For those following the Left Hand Path, they will see an interesting link, since it is believed that Venus is the planet connected to Lucifer.

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