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Marsh Root. Felon Herb.

Gemyne ðu, mucgwyrt, hwæt þu ameldodest, hwæt þu renadest æt Regenmelde. Una þu hattest, yldost wyrta. ðu miht wið III and wið XXX, þu miht wiþ attre and wið onflyge, þu miht wiþ þam laþan ðe geond lond færð.

Mugwort is a pleasant smelling perennial herb that grows wild in most of Europe and America. Its botanical name is Artemisia vulgaris, as it is named after the Greek goddess Artemis. It has both medicinal and culinary uses, but is often considered an invasive weed. This plant was one of the main herbs used in beer making before hops became popular. It has a rather bitter flavor, and was used often in fish and wild game recipes. Mugwort can also be found in many smudge herbal bundles, as it gives off a sweet smell when burned. It is known to help bring about dreams by breathing in its smoke or drinking a tea made from it. It earned its nickname “sailor’s tobacco,” because it was a mild and cheaper alternative to smoke than tobacco. The herb is believed to help alleviate issues for a long list of ailments, from consumption to arthritis.

In magic, mugwort is a wonderful plant to have on hand. It has many superstitions and traditions. It is known as a lunar herb with its silvery leaves, hormone balancing, and dream-inducing abilities. With it being known to help with sleep and dreaming, it is a great herb to use to help with divination and astral travel. Since the tea made from this plant is rather bitter, it is more enjoyable by smoking or inhalation from incense. It is a great herb to use for protection, having it around entrance ways or using before rituals is perfect for keeping away negative energy. This is a strong herb fit to be included in the Nine Herbs Charm.

If one wishes to grow mugwort, know that it is a fast growing herb that can be drought tolerant, so be careful not to over-water it. Mugwort prefers a lot of sun and nitrogen-rich soil. Since it spreads via an underground root system, it can easily overcome a garden. Some gardeners will plant mugwort in a metal screen or in a wooden pot so that it takes longer before the plant runs wild. It will grow three to six feet tall, so be sure to give it space. It will bloom from July to September, so if one wishes to harvest this plant; it needs to be done before it blooms. The best time to harvest the roots is in the autumn.

Remember, Mugwort, what you made known, What you arranged at the Great proclamation. You were called Una, the oldest of herbs, you have power against three and against thirty, you have power against poison and against infection, you have power against the loathsome foe roving through the land.

Disclaimer – Do not ingest if uncertain of any condition without consulting a doctor. Specifically, do NOT take mugwort internally if pregnant or nursing.

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