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The morel mushroom is a fungus known around the world. What makes it so unique is that is can only be wild crafted; throughout the ages, people from backyard growers to large commercial companies have tried to farm this mushroom. All have failed. Morels have a rather narrow time for harvest from March to May, which many foragers will plan their vacations around to be able to gather as much as possible. They tend to grow along the wood line early in the season, and growing more into the woods as the season progresses. They are normally found among oak, ash, aspen, and elm trees. Dry or wet, cold or warm, the morels will grow the same time of year. They simply may be more or less plentiful, as they are the fruit of the mycelium. When the sap from the trees provide enough nutrient, the mycelium will produce fruit. In this case, the morel. Even though they do not contain psilocybin (not one of the fun guys), it is a mushroom well deserving attention.

If one is unable to forage for their own, they luckily dry rather well so that they can be enjoyed year round. A simple search on the internet will provide countless sources to purchase them. They are expensive, but well worth the cost. Many ethnic food markets will have morels available for those who wish to buy local. Unlike other mushrooms, morels have a meaty, thick texture and do not become slimy when cooked. They have a lovely flavor that is a combination of toasted and earthy. Since they look so otherworldly, they bring excitement to any meal. They are full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. Known to be full of antioxidants and help with liver function, these little fungi are perfect.

The best way to use a morel mushroom in magic or ritual would to be for giving an offering to the vaettir, or for using in a dish with general kitchen witchcraft. As mentioned before in our blog about using magic during the mundane, a ritual can be done with the creation of a dish with morels. The spell remains locked in the food. Once it is eaten, and as the body takes in the nutrients, it takes up the spell and becomes a living vessel of intent.

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