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Oracle Bags

Folk magic is the inspiration for these bags. When one uses an oracle bag, they are relying completely on intuition to interpret the meanings of the items.

Each bag is unique. They all hold two semi-precious stones, two runes, two deer bones, two metal findings, one chicken foot, and one human tooth, and an antique key. All are held in a black silky drawstring bag.

To use an oracle bag, make a space sacred. Lay down a cloth, bowl, basket, or fur skin. Shake the bag, thinking of the question being asked. With intention clearly stated aloud, empty the contents of the bag onto the divination area. Read the items. Pay close attention to each piece and how they are related to the others that are on the divination area. Is anything overlapping, did an item not fall out, is there an item that fell off of the divination area? Taking into consideration all of these things and more while relying on intuition will enable the witch to answer the original question while that bag was being shaken.

Each piece put into the bag holds meaning. The stones are for grounding, and each stone has their own meaning and properties. There are two runes in each bag, and each rune holds their own meaning. The runes are to honor the folk ways of our European roots. The deer bones are to tie us to America. They lend to the bags the beauty of osteomancy, which is the divination of bones. The bones have been washed but have not been stained or marked, so that the witch can personalize them as needed. If one were to mark each side of the bones with symbols of their choice, this would lead to even more possible outcomes in each divination reading. The human tooth is to remind us of our own mortality, and also represents the concept of taking things forcefully. Chicken feet are known to be used for various charms, and are a symbol of protection. The tooth combined with the chicken foot to hold close to the concept of fighting “tooth and claw.” The two steel findings placed in each bag remind us of how everything in life works together, as well as a nod to the concept of alchemy. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Iron ties us to both the earth and the heavens, since even celestial beings have iron in them. The antique key is based off of the Lasabrjotur concept of breaking locks.

Rely on your gut, and listen to your heart with these oracle bags.

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