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Salve Making Process

I begin each salve making process with setting an intention, and choosing a physical complaint to address and the plants that can best aid in the healing process. With the sore muscle salve, I chose ginger root, cayenne, and cloves because of their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

The first step is to take each herb or spice and infuse in a carrier oil for an extended period of time.

The next step is the straining process. This can be very tedious depending on the herb or spice and the quantity. With large batches, the straining process may involve several large bowls and many hours.

I sift the herbs and spices through cheesecloth and a mesh strainer to ensure very little residue remains in the final salve. I then wring out each batch by hand to make sure that I get the most oil out as possible. All of the herbs then go straight to compost, so that whatever organic matter is left will be added back to the nourishment of the soil.

After straining, I blend the herbal oil with beeswax. This is done by melting the wax, heating the oil (not to boiling, because it will harm the healing properties of the herbs), and combining the two at a very similar temperature. Once combined, I immediately pour in to tins because they solidify very quickly. This is the point when I add essential oils, since it is easier to measure drops per tin, rather than mixing it in to the whole batch.

After cooling overnight, the salves are ready to ship.

To purchase the Sore Muscle Salve:


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